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It was my best decision to go with John's Guide for my plumbing exam. Trust me, it was worth every penny! He goes in depth in each code book, pretty much like one-on-one. Tbh i learned more from this book than any class i took.The exam was a breeze.
Tim Sanders
Journeyman Plumber
I would recommend this course to those who are looking for informative and indepth knowledge for examination point of view. I understood the business portion very easily because of John. Explained vent sizing to where it is just plain simple. Practice questions and answers alone makes the guide worth buy. Thanks.
Langston Denny
Master Plumber
Thanks John, I am writing this review to let you know that i passed my exam and your Plumber test Guide helped me alot. It explained the concept of fixture units and formulas very well. The things I missed when I took the test (prior to this course), all came out in the course.
Jon Spahr
Master Plumber
Hey John, Just wanted you to know that not only did I pass my P2 but I just found out today that I passed my P1 on the first try with no problems what so ever! It was so easy. Your guide was so useful!!!! Thank you!
Michael Hedgpeth
Journeyman Plumber
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