Journeyman Plumber Test Guide 2023 With 150 Exam Questions and Answers

Pass Journeyman Plumber Licence exam in the first attempt with our study guide and practice test. The plumbing exam is an easy exam but still many are not able to crack in the first shot. The main reasons are lack of practical learning and practice. 

Journeyman Plumber Test Guide will help you understand things even better than students who attended the classroom. The reason being, you can always revise the notes as many times as you want, and reading always retains things better than listening.

Our Journeyman Plumber Test Guide covers the following topics in details:

  • Plumbing Code Course
  • Fuel gas code course
  • Plumber’s Math
  • Contactor Business and Law
Along with that, you will also get 150 practice questions with references, explanations, and answers in full rationale. Practicing these challenging questions will help you get ready for exams. Most students who practice the Journeyman Plumber Test Question and Answers thoroughly pass the Plumber exam on the very first attempt.

Journeyman Plumber Test Guide Topics:

Here is the list of concepts that you will learn in the guide while doing preparation of plumbing exam.

Plumbing Concepts:

  • Water distribution sizing and design (using friction charts)
  • Isometrics and plumbing symbols
  • Properties of water
  • Sanitary drain sizing
  • Vent sizing
  • Storm drainage sizing
  • Septic tank and drain field sizing
  • Calculating combustion air requirements
  • Gas pipe sizing
  • Gas appliance venting
  • Definitions with illustrations

You can easily cover all the questions on the above-mentioned topics in our Journeyman Plumber Test Guide. Going through our guide and doing practice test sincerely will help you pass the test and perform well on the job. You can checkout Free Practice Questions from here.

Plumbing Exam Practice Test contains a total of 150 practice questions which are created on all of the topics listed above. The complete Journeyman Plumber Test Guide 2023 bundle is available here.

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Get Access to complete Journeyman Plumbing Exam Guide with 150 Plumbing questions and answers for 79$ only. If you are not satisfied you can take your money back within 60 Days! Here is what you will get in the Journeyman Plumber Test Exam Kit:

  • 150 Plumbing Exam Question and Answers with Explanation 
  • The Exam Study Guide, including Plumbing code course, Fuel gas code course, Plumbers math and Contractor Business and law.
  • Updated 2023 Study Material as per International Plumbing Code.

Journeyman Plumber Test Guide Benefits

  • Save time in a real plumbing exam
  • Build Confidence
  • Saves money as most course starts from 400$.
  • Practice 150 Question based on Journeyman Plumbing test
  • Answer key with full Rationale
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About The Author

Journeyman Plumber Test guide is brought to you by John White, the author of this book. He has been teaching mechanical and plumbing for over 4 decades. John has presented at various seminars across the nation and has taught at both university and community colleges. He holds a BSBA degree in Business administration and has licenses in plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. He sold his mechanical contracting business in 2006 to devote his energy towards making affordable HVAC and plumbing prep courses.

John’s latest book is Journeyman Plumber Practice Exam kit 2023 which is helping thousands of students throughout the globe to pass the plumbing exam with ease. He also believes in giving refund to those who don’t find his guide useful. Thus there exists 60 days No question-asked money-back guarantee policy.

Journeyman Plumber Practice Exam Kit 2023 With 150 Question and Answers

This plumber’s exam prep course covering all these areas of the exam with free 150 practice questions and answers:

  1. Plumbing Code Course
  2. Fuel Gas Code Course
  3. Plumber’s Math
  4. Contractor Business and Law


Here are just a few testimonials of students. We feel blessed when we hear about such outstanding results. Help us improve by sharing you feedback good or bad here.

It was my best decision to go with John's Guide for my plumbing exam. Trust me, it was worth every penny! He goes in depth in each code book, pretty much like one-on-one. Tbh i learned more from this book than any class i took.The exam was a breeze.
Tim Sanders
Journeyman Plumber
I would recommend this course to those who are looking for informative and indepth knowledge for examination point of view. I understood the business portion very easily because of John. Explained vent sizing to where it is just plain simple. Practice questions and answers alone makes the guide worth buy. Thanks.
Langston Denny
Master Plumber
Thanks John, I am writing this review to let you know that i passed my exam and your Plumber test Guide helped me alot. It explained the concept of fixture units and formulas very well. The things I missed when I took the test (prior to this course), all came out in the course.
Jon Spahr
Master Plumber
Hey John, Just wanted you to know that not only did I pass my P2 but I just found out today that I passed my P1 on the first try with no problems what so ever! It was so easy. Your guide was so useful!!!! Thank you!
Michael Hedgpeth
Journeyman Plumber